The digital age has transformed the way political campaigns operate. Adversaries leverage hacked/stolen data and freely available content to hijack the conversation from the American people. The goal of the US CyberDome is to help the political campaign community operate safely and without undue influence. To allow the conversation to be the American people’s conversation!

Core Offerings

  • Community Sharing

    – Democrat campaigns and the supporting vendors can safely interact. Members can anonymously ask candid questions about their organization’s cybersecurity posture

  • Best Practices

    – Cybersecurity policy and online guidance related documents

  • Digital Vision

    – Aggregate content related to your organizations cybersecurity posture and digital footprint. Proper “Vision” into your online related activities allows for clear and concise allocation of the organizations precious resources

  • Active Digital Threats

    – The curation of threats related to the community and presented to the members. Allows for quick assessment of the current landscape